A massive £500 off your laser eye surgery

Optimax-discount has been set up to help out people who would like to have a glasses free life style. I have always wanted to have Lasik treatment but could never afford it, I would like to offer everybody who is interested  in having laser eye surgery this opportunity to save a massive £500 pounds off there treatment when you click here or the discount link on the banner or in the menu bar above.

I have recently under gone laser eye surgery, and what I may add a very successful, quick and pain free procedure. I would recommend this to any one and just wish I could afford to have it done years ago.

I would advise that you do your research and look around at all the different options as everybody is different and no one pair of eyes are the same, There are many company's that do this procedure but after doing my research decided to go with optimax as they gave me pay nothing till next year option interest free and the Clinic is only 5 mile away, I'm glad I did as the staff at the Leicester branch where so friendly and informative, I got to have a look around the surgery and meet my surgeon at my first eye test.

I wanted to design this web site with a blog so people can talk to each other and share there experiences, Talk about there pre-op nerves and after surgery happiness. I would like to grow a friendly community where people can share there story's.

I hope you like this site and will take my free £500 discount and come back and tell me and the world you success in the Comments area, also if you would like or think people would like to see more information or other ideas how I can grow this website please feel free to email me in the contact page or just simply add you ideas to the comments page.

Enjoy and happy HD vision. you wont regret it……


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